Technical Considerations of my Idea


The technical considerations I have to take for my project include identifying the best setup for rendering the file and how it is stored. I will be using an MP4 file format allow me to easily upload it to YouTube and keep the quality of the video to a professional standard.  The size of the file will have to be fewer than 2 GB to make sure it can be uploaded to YouTube. I will be trying to aim for a video file size of under 500mb to make sure the file is not to large and so it will not take a long period of time to upload. I will be placing the video on YouTube to make sure the video reaches its target audience as well as allow it to be accessed by a large community of individuals. YouTube has a larger viewer base than Vimeo another possible streaming site I could locate my video series on.

I decided to use a GoPro camera to record my live footage as I was able to mount the device on my desk with relative ease, it can record at 1080p (16:9) at a variety of frames per second, I used the 60fps setting to record my live footage.  The specifications for the Optics and Lens are as followed : Ultra-sharp ƒ/2.8 – 6 element aspherical glass lens, Ultra wide angle with reduced distortion. Information regarding the camera with a list of all technical aspects can be found at the link below. The camera I used was the HERO3+ Silver Edition

To record the gameplay footage I used ACTION! Software developed by mirillis which allowed me to record the gameplay footage at 60fps at 1080p. It also allowed me to choose which file format to save the footage at as well as the audio levels. The audio level came in handy when I needed to record the microphone at a higher level than the game itself. I was able to change this on the fly within the software. I choose to use this software as I already had purchased it in the past and had experience using the software for personal use.


To edit the footage I used adobe Premier Pro, I used this software as it had a variety of tools to allow me to create the video I had envisioned. I also had prior experience with the software; I have my own copy of creative cloud so it gives me access to a variety of adobe products. I made my decision to use Premier Pro as it would allow me to easily transfer files from other adobe software into premier pro. Premier pro also allowed me to apply the video transitions and audio effects I wanted on the video. This game it a more professional feel to the video which I was trying to achieve from the original plan.

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