Self Assessment

I believe the video achieved what I originally planned for the production. I intended for a video that clearly described the abilities of the character and had a format that could easily be transferred to other characters within the game as well as possibly doing overviews for other games as well. I also original intended for the video to include relevant gameplay that showed of abilities and gave some useful tips to the viewer. I believe I achieved this as I was able to breakdown each ability although I think I could have created a segment dedicated to useful tips, I think I could have made which ability I was talking about clearer by adding a visual aid describing which ability I was talking about. I could have added graphical aids to each segment which could have made the video much clearer.

I believe the video is fit for purpose and that even with the sections I think that could use some improvement it still achieves the goal I originally set out for the video to achieve. The video does not offended any groups of people and does not cross any libel laws which will help to avoid any legal matters arising while the video is live on YouTube. I believe the technical qualities of the video are to a professional standard and there are a variety of options the viewer can choose to view the video in. This means it can reach the largest section of the intended audience as someone with a poor internet connection can view the video in its lowest setting (144p) but it also allows someone with better internet to view it in (1080p 60fps)

I also believe I was able to use a variety of production skills to help keep progress on my production on track with my intended deadlines. I was able to come up with several ideas and identify which was the most relevant and which had the most potential as an idea for my production. I also believe I managed my time relatively well as the product was uploaded on time and was available in different forms when the deadline was reached. I also believe my technical competence was at a professional level as I was able to learn new skills throughout the production while applying them to the vide this included new editing skills and the ability to creating custom events within adobe software and transfer them to other adobe software.

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