Planning the Production

Throughout the project I had several ideas of what I could create for the pilot. I started off with the idea of creating a series of videos that took a comedic look at how characters of the game league of legends would act if they played themselves in game. I started planning which characters I would include in each video. For this particular idea I was able to shoot some test footage to judge if the idea would be able to both fit into the scenario given as well as allow me to create the most professional video. I realized that one problem with this idea was that each episode would have to be very short in length to avoid saturating the video with too much content.


Another idea I had was creating a series of videos with the topic of interpreting Don’t Starve (A Survival Video Game) into a modern setting and showing how someone may have to survive in the local wilderness. I also filmed some test footage for this idea. Although I was met with problems that meant that I could no longer use the same video camera I used to record the footage I already gathered thus I had to change ideas.


The idea that I stuck with and produced for the project was a Character Overview for the game Overwatch. I wanted to be able to breakdown each of the characters abilities but I also wanted to be able to show my expressions and body language to help portray how I felt about the character and each of her abilities. I came up with several ideas to be able to show this such as having a live segment separate from the game footage. This would play out with me sat at a desk going through each of her abilities with statistics then show game play afterwards demonstrating each point I made. Another idea I came up with was placing recorded footage of me playing the game while I discussed the topic and place it on the existing gameplay footage. This is the idea I decided upon for the final cut.

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